In June, just as the scientific solstice is upon us, we exalt “The Summer Sun”…a star that wraps us in its warmth, and gives us such a bright & buoyant life.

June 2019: The Sun is the center of it all, as we all spin together within an even larger solar system. What majesty and mystery there is for us as Earthlings, even as we inhabit a far larger reality in a constellation of existence. Utilizing the beautiful Reims labyrinth pattern as a template, we’ll “move through space” together here at Cerimon House, and explore some of the many ways in which the Sun has been as mythic as it has been formative. Our planet warms, the phoenix is reborn, the gods and goddesses beam us their wisdom, science and art explode with ideas…and all the while the sun moves in molten motivation. We welcome the Summer, and plan to use it well. Please join us for this particular labyrinth walk on June 15 & 16 (between the hours of 12pm and 4:30pm.) The Creative Path Walk takes about 30 minutes to traverse, and we invite you to stay with us for tea and continued contemplation.

We’re also taking a break from our large-scale installations in July & August, so we truly hope you can join us to experience one of our most beautiful and illuminated Creative Path Walks yet. Plan to join us on June 15 or 16.)

The Creative Path Walk experience is voted “Best of…”

We are so pleased to have been named to the Willamette Week’s “Best of” list. The write-up is a real “tip of the hat”, and we are humbly delighted by the continued kind words in the press about the monthly Creative Path Walk at Cerimon House. Our unique labyrinth walks are indeed a notable Portland experience. See what it’s all about, and book your contemplative walk this very month or drop-in on the days listed on the calendar.

We also made the February 2019 Portland Monthly magazine’s Wellness edition. Check-out the Press tab (on the pull-down menu in the header) for more articles about our offerings.