CERIMON HOUSE is a nonprofit arts & humanities organization, located in the heart of the NE Alberta Arts District of Portland, Oregon. Established in 2009, we’ve offered a wide array of cultural programming for a decade while focusing on the realization of our mission’s 4 C’s: Community, Creativity, Curiosity, and Ceremony. Among other signature offerings from Cerimon House is the Creative Path Walk: this monthly installation is a large-scale contemplative walking pattern, and synthesizes our mission by bringing the community into an immersive experience that is deeply artful, educational, and ceremonial.

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We are located in a history-filled building in the heart of a vibrant Arts District. We acquired and saved this history-filled fellowship lodge from the wrecking-ball, completed a full renovation, and have now brought a ‘third life’ to the edifice.

Where once the members of a Masonic Lodge gathered in good friendship (1924-86), and then a neighborhood church met in prayer & song (1986-2006), it was the period of abandonment that followed (7 years) that risked the near-ruin of this great space. The board of directors and volunteers of Cerimon House acquired and renovated the building with care and ingenuity, and opened the doors in 2015. We now bring cultural arts & education into a renewed space, lovingly crafted to feel (and be) just like a home.

We invite you inside for our varied and various activities. Visit us in Portland, year-round.