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Special Event: "Walk The Vote!"

“Walk The Vote!”

Our wonderful Oregon paper ballots are mailed.
(What next, as we wait?) Well, make us your strolling space.

We open our doors wide here at Cerimon House
on these historical and honorable days of voting. Drop on in.

We’re open from 2pm to 8pm
, the day before the national vote.
We’re open from 11am to 8pm
, the whole day of the national vote.

Photo credit: Paul Fardig

Photo credit: Paul Fardig

Plan to visit our arts & humanities organization,
and put your intentions & thoughts into action
by walking the beautiful floor pattern.

For this particular installation in our auditorium, we are featuring our brand new 33 ft.
Chartres (France) historical labyrinth pattern.
It’s simple to walk, surprisingly moving, and meaningful to complete.
(Allow 30 minutes for your walking experience.)

Yes, drop-in at any time during the following hours
to walk with your community:

Monday, November 5th from 2PM-8PM

Tuesday, November 6th from 11AM-8PM

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