Liminal Space Society is an educational and experiential program, created in 2018 by a group of Cerimon House friends & colleagues who share a common interest in all things liminal…the things that may be betwixt & between. The focus is to offer innovative and remarkable programming throughout the year. With a growing list of offerings, LSS has provided workshops, lectures, and activities that take a look at the various & curious thresholds around us…and even beyond.

With thanks to Stephan Shibley, Traci McMerritt, Sandra Grace Walden, Jodi Lorimer, Ansula Press, Susan Alexander & Randall Stuart.


Check out the Liminal Space Society on Facebook, and standby for a series of dynamic presentations throughout 2019 & 2020. These will also be listed on the site under the menu item: “Upcoming Events”

…Onwards!…into the next threshold experience…