The Popular Chartres Pattern

Here at Cerimon House, the majority of our Creative Path curriculum & labyrinth-related work is focused on the historical Reims, France pattern. The Reims design is less common than the Chartres design (which is seen below) and offers it’s own wonders. However, we are delighted to have been the recipient of a remarkable long-term loan of two Chartres design floor canvasses.

Our colleague Edye Allen is a facilitator and teacher of the Chartres, France pattern, having brought this instrument to community, spiritual, and educational groups for more than twenty years, and she has made Cerimon House the new home for both a 33 ft. Chartres canvas (featuring 11 circuits in the pattern), and a 22 ft. Chartres canvas (featuring 7 circuits in the pattern). Our colleague Elecia Beebe is a remarkable artist and theatrical set painter, and she recently re-endowed these tarps with gorgeous detailed paint treatments.

And so, a few times a year, we install these much beloved Chartres designs for special walks and ceremonies, always mindful of the power of the design and the reason for its use. The many curves, returns, and circles of the Chartres design are, as ever, a balm to the walker.

It is suggested by professionals in the fields of wellness and philosophy that the walking of unicursal labyrinths helps to settle the mind and balance the two sides of the brain. And we agree: there’s definitely something to that. The path is all.

The Chartres Pattern, installed for the popular “Walk The Vote” event in November of 2018. [Photo: Paul Fardig]