Liminal Space Society is an educational and experiential program, created in 2018 by a group of Cerimon House friends & colleagues who share a common interest in all things liminal. The focus is to offer innovative and remarkable programming throughout the year. With a growing list of offerings, LSS has provided workshops, lectures, and activities that take a look at the world and the thresholds around us…and even beyond.

With thanks to Stephan Shibley, Traci McMerritt, Sandra Grace Walden, Jodi Lorimer, Ansula Press, Susan Alexjander & Randall Stuart.


Check out the Liminal Space Society on Facebook, and standby for a series of dynamic presentations throughout 2019, in March, June, August, and October. These will also be listed on the site under the menu item “Upcoming Events”

…Onwards!…into the next threshold experience…