The Blog Beginneth

From Cerimon House Founder & Creative Path Walk Creator, Randall Stuart:

It seems fortuitous to have this first blog entry penned during the week in which we both launched this website for Cerimon House’s Creative Path Walk programming, and in which I’m presenting a workshop/lecture at the 20th Anniversary Conference of The Labyrinth Society at Loyola University in Chicago. I’m eager and humbly wide-eyed. I’ll also be serving on a group panel at this conference of other enthusiasts and experts during the course of the three day immersion of “everything labyrinthian.” (Oh, the things I will see and learn!)

It’s a wild set of circumstances that have brought me here to this conference. Five years ago, I presented the general idea of the Reims, France labyrinth pattern/design to my Board of Directors at Cerimon House: pitching the notion that we could use it as a visual and visceral template/map to build and strengthen our organization, and that if we could eventually actualize that by creating a large-scale walking labyrinth for the community to traverse in our main auditorium space, that we would be going a long way towards linking a historical idea with a present-day action. To their great credit, they said “Yes!” - and I am so grateful. This is a piece of artistic curriculum that I have been utilizing in my teaching for many years, and yet the chance to truly awaken it in full scale, monthly offerings, and full day workshops to the public and other organizations, has been nothing short of a delightful meander, an invigorating amble, a happy toddle down the unicursal and labyrinthian path.

Cerimon House