Resolutions with Meaning

The Creative Path Walk - our monthly contemplative community labyrinth stroll, utilizing our Reims-inspired floor pattern - was launched two full Decembers ago with a them of “Resolutions” focus and theme. We invited our friends to come to Cerimon House to “unplug, focus, and restore,” and in the case of that particular New Year’s Eve, to spend some time penning a resolution, to then bring that message in with them to the “vessel” of the labyrinth itself. This experience expanded in the second year to a “Hopes & Resolutions” theme, and again the enthusiasts could write down their thoughts, at each of the four “way stations/harbors” that are featured in the walk. At the middle resting place, there is a time to “be”, before reversing the path and returning back to the outside world. And this year, in December of 2019, the Resolutions walk happened to time with the Winter Solstice, and this double-bill had great meaning for the participants. The pattern was covered in candlelight, and a center brass temple stood in as an altar of hopes.

Cerimon House