The Blog Continueth

Oh, the circuitousness of life. I most certainly had planned to pen a November blog post, but life really is a turbo force all its own. Since returning from the fore-mentioned conference in Chicago - where I learned a whole lot about The Labyrinth Society, and delighted in getting to know so many new labyrinth-lovin’ friends, life at Cerimon House continued to gallop at full, full, full tilt. The end of the calendar year for any nonprofit organization is ripe with deadlines and planning sessions, and we produced a series of important events, including a mini-gala & concert called “November Songs” featuring the miraculous Bay Area-based musicians Kay Stephen & Adam Shulman. We also introduced our first ever “Walk The Vote” event on the day of the national election, and then the regularly-scheduled November Creative Path Walk offering utilizing the Reims pattern to present a meaningful meander (each month we create a new theme and contemplative installation - this one called “Gratitude and Thanks”.) November was full of heart-warming embers.

Cerimon House