The Turning Points that Matter

Here at Cerimon House we are committed to a positive outlook, and work assiduously to exalt the arts & humanities for all of their healing qualities. Planning for the next several Creative Path Walks has commenced, artists are working on the varying installations (from February through June) and we are setting our vision on a 2019 that brings the kind of change that buoys us once again. We ready for (and believe in) the “Turning Points” displayed in any pattern. A better world is around the’s just bound to be. This month’s Creative Path Walk was full of coincidences, unexpected turns, and meeting many new walkers. I made a quick decision to swap-out our floor pattern, and use our newly acquired Chartres tarp on the floor, which allowed for many more ““turns” in the experience. The prompts included thoughts about the verb “turn”, as well as the pivots, torques, swerves, and shifts that are inherent in the "volta” of poetry forms, and the turning that makes pottery come to life. And above all else, was the implementation of the captivating mandala art work of Ansula Press: several of her designs rotating in the center harbor of the design. It was a pleasure to be in a world of curves, to curate the unicursal course.

Cerimon House