A Resolute Wintertime on the Path

The community arrived…to step over the threshold, to move through space, to take the path to the middle of the matter….with resolutions and hopes on their mind, and the focus of what a new year might bring. These journeyers left their words as offerings in the very center of our labyrinth, with a determined focus on a brighter future.
Historically, one of the very first applications of our Creative Path - when I introduced the installation of the Reims pattern three years ago - was the New Years “Resolutions” walk, which gave the participants the chance to think through their hopes for the upcoming calendar year, and to traverse the pattern with their affirmations firmly in mind. This December, we doubled the pleasure and set-up the candle-lit installation over a period of three full days: celebrating both the solstice and the turn of the calendar.
It was a rough December in our country, with so much unnecessary crisis and chaos, a petulant government shutdown, and petty policies that belittle our national story. We will look back on this path, the itchy & scratchy year of 2018, and shake our heads. And commit to proceeding towards the good, the very good.
Here at Cerimon House we are committed to a positive nature, and will always exalt the arts & humanities. And so, we mean to fill the emotional void (and national sorrow) with many a pleasant gathering, class, memorial, anniversary, our monthly path walk, and so much more. Planning for the next six Creative Path Walks has commenced, artists are working on the varying installations from January through June, and we set our vision on a 2019 that brings the kind of change that buoys us once again. We ready for, and believe in, the “Turning Points” displayed in any pattern. Change is just around the corner.

Cerimon House