A Walking Theme of Waking Dreams

Cerimon House, both the art & humanities organization and then the building itself, really do act as a container for stories, and happenings, and a creative actualization of over-arching “themes” by our cohort of great minds. We love the maps which Themes can create. We’ve even moved from annual themes (grand as they were) to more options with seasonal topics.
This particular Winter-into-Spring we’ve leaned into a focus of the Intuitive Principal with art exhibits and events that honor the feminine mind, and celebrate the layers of artful consciousness. Along with our programming featuring women composers, artists & teachers, one-woman shows, and community conversations, we readied the Creative Path Walk for a February exploration of “Intuition & Imagination” featuring captivating & wonder-filled prompts. People were delighted, and so were we. For what the world needs now is as many maps of imaginative exploration as possible.

Let each of our individual intuitions & imaginations add to the “global group think” that will lead all Earthlings out of the confusion of the recent past, and directly into an awakened present.

Cerimon House