Our Dear Mother Earth

In April we exalted our dear Mother Earth…for she’s got us in her gravity, and we are so grateful for that magnetic hug. The gardens and trees here at Cerimon House are putting on a show, to be sure. This common cyclical Spring awakening - which travels across the globe in various hemispheres, of course - has special meaning to us in Portland because it was only last year that we completed our front gardens. And so, to see the full display is eye-twinkling and heart-delighting for us. This month’s Creative Path Walk theme is “Earth’s Ecology”…and we utilized our large-scale (33 ft. wide) Chartres pattern/design, as a nod to all things round and curvy. The creative prompts - both in the middle of the contemplative walk, and ringing the outside - are an homage to all that the Earth does for us. She’s the best planet that we know.

Cerimon House