Sun-drenched Solstice

Midsummer (this central part of June) has been meaningful for us here at Cerimon House, as we chose to honor none other than our very own star, the Sun, in an artfully themed installation. Held on our large-scale Reims labyrinth pattern: “The Summer Sun” was a bright beacon for those who walked on its winding ways. We also co-hosted the special event: “Solstice: Science and Ceremony” presented by our colleagues of the Liminal Space Society.

The Sun wraps us in its warmth, as we all spin together within the solar system. What majesty and mystery there is for us as Earthlings, even as we inhabit a far larger reality in a constellation of existence. With the ever-wonderful prop-&-prompts work of Jo Pierce & Randall Stuart, the explorers on our installation found ways in which the Sun has been as mythic as it has been formative: ancient civilizations named deities for that wise and powerful day star; the phoenix is reborn within the combustion of its own sort, ceremonies of note take place at ancient ruins, and science and art explode with ideas within the plasma of the sun itself. All the while the Sun swirls and expands in a molten motivation.

We welcomed the lessons of the upcoming Summer, and plan to use them well. Is it the World that’s on fire, or just society? Are we capable of harnessing the vivid heat? Let us learn from the Sun.

Cerimon House