Destinations & Arrivals

In May of 2019 we spent quality time with our own historic maps here at Cerimon House, for it was ten years ago, that our organization set sail. Observing the patterns & pathways of that journey - sorting through the memories - was akin to cleaning out a beloved attic: so many images and memorabilia from all of the years of travel. And now the immediate future beckons. “Where might we go? Shall we proceed to Elsewhere? What’s ahead of us on the road? What honestly delightful surprises are waving at us even now, just beyond the horizon?”
This month’s Creative Path Walk theme was entitled “Destinations & Arrivals” and we installed our 22 ft. wide/7 circuit Chartres pattern/design and had it in situ over four consecutive Tuesdays. The artful props & prompts in the installation were an homage to the cardinal directions, with a suggestion of the participant spending time meandering within their own moral compass. The public were drawn in to walk the path: shy initiates and bold enthusiasts alike launched into the liminal space, and with each twist & turn their bodies may have asked: “Have I been right here before? Oh, look, I’m walking into the very midst-of-it-all now. My trusty compass is marvelously magnetic, and bravely bold: onwards I go!”

Cerimon House