The Summer Pause & Autumn Awakening

In the Summer of 2019, we experimented with a strategic “pause”. In fact, isn’t that what walking a labyrinth is, in so many ways? Aaaaaah, the chance to reflect, renew, recalibrate.

And so, the creative team, who so expertly craft the monthly large-scale installations (September through December, and March through June) here at Cerimon House, took two months to plan and design. And here it is September, and so we begin again. We invite you to the monthly walks, and encourage you to bring your pals to Cerimon House for our weekly “Time Together Tuesdays” (4:00-7:30pm), to tour the building and the art gallery. We are delighted to report that so many people, new friends and old, have been enjoying our monthly indoor installations of the Creative Path Walk which are regularly scheduled September through December, and March through June.) Relatedly, this summer we curated an exhibit in our art gallery that featured the three-dimensional art that has been created over the last year of our labyrinth walks…for as you may know, each monthly event is endowed with unique & beautiful themed props & prompts, designed by our colleague Jo Pierce. The installation was thoroughly enjoyed, and put these marvelous “objets d’art” back in to the minds-&-eyes of the beholder.

Cerimon House