In The News

Cerimon House is an active place of community, and peace, and possibility.
We have been recognized in a variety of local newspapers for our Creative Path Walk programming,
and the in-house labyrinth-related programming has been noted in
“The Best of Portland 2018” list of the Willamette Week publication.


Concordia PDX

Excerpt: “Randall relate(s) this walk to the five stages of grief. “It also resembles the patterns of the brain and arteries of a human body, and walking it has a calming effect and can realign the nervous system. I have long hoped to bring a working labyrinth to schools, prisons and community centers,” he added. Cerimon House, with its focus on the humanities, offered both the community connection and the floor space. And he believes the timing is good.”


Portland Monthly

Excerpt: “Whether seeking solace from a charged political climate, pursuing personal fulfillment, or just interested in the pleasant quietude of a window-rich room with free tea, the appeal of labyrinths like Cerimon House’s centers on a characteristic ability to fulfill the individual needs of each visitor.”


Star News

Excerpt: “The meandering labyrinth, which is thousands of years old and appears in many cultures, is unlike a maze with split roads and dead ends. It has only one pathway into its center and the same pathway leads outward. Stuart uses the labyrinth metaphor, with a journey to a central destination, while teaching Shakespeare classes in colleges and universities around the country. He encourages students to think about their characters on a labyrinth. “It’s the way forward. In a labyrinth, you can’t get lost,” he said. ‘You will reach the center. The goal is always right there.’”