The Troupe at Cerimon House

The Creative Path Walk at Cerimon House is lead by our founder and artistic director Randall Stuart, and the creative ignition (to make this artful installation such a success each time we place it within Cerimon House), is thanks to the true “ensemble of great minds” who bring it to life throughout the year. Beginning in 2016, the Creative Path Walk at Cerimon House has delighted the community each month, installed in the main auditorium, providing the chance to unplug, focus and heal from a world that’s spinning so quickly.

With ongoing thanks to:

Sharon Nielson and Kevin Yell for their immediate belief, confidence, and understanding in the implementation of labyrinths at Cerimon House.
Will Patton and the designers at Hub Collective for their delight in the pattern.
Jeff Seats, Elecia Beebe, and The Meriwethers for bringing the Reims design to life - through visioning, construction, and artistry.
And to the ongoing ensemble of weekly and monthly helpers who make it possible: Jo Pierce, Edye Allen, Ansula Press, Jodi Lorimer, Emily de Lorimier…and so many more.