The Troupe at Cerimon House

A true “Ensemble of Great Minds” brought this remarkable installation to life. Beginning in 2014, the Creative Path Walk at Cerimon House - lead by Cerimon House Founder & Artistic Director Randall Stuart - was made possible by a group devotion and trust.

With thanks to:
Sharon Nielson and Kevin Yell for their immediate belief, confidence, and understanding in the implementation of labyrinths at Cerimon House.
To Will Patton and the designers at Hub Collective for their delight in the pattern.
To Jeff Seats, Elecia Beebe, and The Meriwethers for bringing the Reims design to life - through visioning, construction, and artistry.
The ongoing ensemble of helpers: Jo Pierce, Edye Allen, Ansula Press, Jodi Lorimer, Emily de Lorimier…and so many more.

Randall Stuart

Artistic Director, Design & Concept Execution, Curriculum Consultant
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Jo Pierce

Monthly Installation, Props & Prompts
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Edye Allen

Jeff Seats

Monthly Installation, Labyrinth Expert
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Theatre Set Designer, our Design Engineer for Creative Path Walk pattern
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Theatre Set Painter | Painting Artist for the Creative Path Walk
lives with her husband in the coastal mountain woods west of Portland. She loves opportunities to lose and find herself in creative endeavors. Those have ranged from design, paint and carving for large and small theater, ballet (Napoli), and opera sets to tiny stop motion sets and props (The PJ’s, Coraline, Two Balloons), large carved creatures and hands for Rose Festival floats, drawings for a children’s book “ High in the Saddle”, Oregon Zoo exhibit murals, and View-Master reel art. Mixing metaphysics and art for a labyrinth designed by a longtime friend, even better.